Dr. Mahsin Habib began his medical journey in 1988 as a student at the University of Sheffield Medical School in England. Upon graduating in 1993 he began working at the Department of Accident and Emergency at Good Hope Hospital, and the Department of Psychiatry at Highcroft Hospital in the UK. Then in 1996 he left for the United States, accepting an externship in cardiology in Arizona and shortly thereafter an Internal Medicine Residency at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, MA.

Dr. Habib’s passion and determination for health and medicine began to evolve during his time in the US. In 2000 his residency ended and he began to work on a different approach, integrating fitness and nutrition into his professional practice. And in 2001 he founded Next Health, the first medical clinic to offer fitness, nutrition and medical services under one roof. A few years later he incorporated a weight loss program into the clinic’s offerings, and in 2006 he officially began practicing integrative medicine.

Always seeking to innovate by leveraging the newest technologies and perspectives, he began offering a Food Inflammation Test (FIT) and Advanced Cardiac Test, as well as many other cutting-edge tools and techniques for his patients. This innovative spirit was, and is, buoyed by his sincere desire for healing by focusing on root causes of disease. And his imagination fuels an irresistible aspiration that most doctors are not even aware of.

By 2014 he was able to test for early cancer markers, implement advanced genetic and telomere testing, and has demonstrated success in reversing biological age, which is the true pathway to optimal function while preventing disease. His journey culminated in 2015 when he trademarked the term “Rethink Medicine” and formed what came to be known as “The Executive Physical” and “Ultra Health Program” — comprehensive and customized healing solutions utilizing the most appropriate tools and technologies for his respective patients. This rethinking of health and medicine has truly disrupted the current medical industry, and has propelled Dr. Habib and Next Health to the forefront of integrative and regenerative medicine.

His passion to rethink medicine and to never be satisfied with the status quo makes him one of the most inquisitive and creative medical practitioners today. Dr. Habib sees what most every doctor sees, but thinks like no other. His “can-do” attitude and proactive approach to medicine and healing has served as the foundation for his practice, which can be summed up in three words: Predict, Prevent, Prolong.



I Feel Younger!

“I just feel 10-15 years younger as a result of the treatments that I receive at Next Health. In addition to the fantastic medical treatment, the staff here is completely professional and very accommodating.”


William Giandoni


Really Thankful!

“I came to Dr. Habib in a wheelchair because of a knee injury that has been with me for a few years. He gave me an injection in my knee and the next day I was feeling much better. After a week I was able to walk around. It’s amazing how fast the treatment worked and how Dr. Habib knew how to take care of the injury. I’m really thankful.”


Ambreen Ahmed


Opened My Mind

“Coming to Next Health has kind of opened my mind to the fact that healing is not so much on the outside, it’s more so from the inside out.”


Faven Delkaso

"So Grateful For the Results"
"I Felt Better Right Away"
Therapies "Worked Magic"
"A Great Atmosphere"


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Get to
Know You

We take our time with you (an hour on average) because we know that only with a thorough assessment can we build an effective plan.

Utilize Advanced

We use conventional (allopathic) technologies when needed. These tools help reveal issues which can help us devise a plan tailored for your needs.

Build a
Detailed Plan

We take all the info we gather during your consultation and, along with your lab results, develop a comprehensive treatment plan.


Eliminate/Detox Harmful Foods and Chemicals

Turn Off Harmful Signals

Activate Repair and Longevity Genes

Total Body Healing

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