Are you aging faster than you should? Believe it or not, research has now made it possible to actually reverse cellular aging! The ramifications for our health and longevity are astonishing.

Cutting-edge devices, technologies and lab tests to predict and prevent disease.

Managed healthcare programs for wellness and prevention. Three programs to choose from: Ultra Plus, Ultra and Elite.

Boosts the immune system, optimizes detox, reduces inflammation, and supports metabolism.

State-of-the-art technology that treats various health conditions. We’re one of a few in the U.S. that has a multi-person hyperbaric chamber onsite!

Look your best with our award winning skin care management system, combined with microneedling and laser treatments.

Removes heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury from the blood.

Remote personal training to help you look better, feel better, and live better!

We utilize advanced technologies to identify inflammation (the #1 risk), molecular size, oxidation and insulin resistance.

Detoxification is a natural way for the body to eliminate toxins. While the principle organ is the liver, additional benefits are observed for the kidneys, skin, colon and lungs.



I Feel Younger!

“I just feel 10-15 years younger as a result of the treatments that I receive at Next Health. In addition to the fantastic medical treatment, the staff here is completely professional and very accommodating.”


William Giandoni


Really Thankful!

“I came to Dr. Habib in a wheelchair because of a knee injury that has been with me for a few years. He gave me an injection in my knee and the next day I was feeling much better. After a week I was able to walk around. It’s amazing how fast the treatment worked and how Dr. Habib knew how to take care of the injury. I’m really thankful.”


Ambreen Ahmed


Opened My Mind

“Coming to Next Health has kind of opened my mind to the fact that healing is not so much on the outside, it’s more so from the inside out.”


Faven Delkaso

"So Grateful For the Results"
"I Felt Better Right Away"
Therapies "Worked Magic"
"A Great Atmosphere"

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Get to
Know You

We take our time with you (an hour on average) because we know that only with a thorough assessment can we build an effective plan.

Utilize Advanced

We use conventional (allopathic) technologies when needed. These tools help reveal issues which can help us devise a plan tailored for your needs.

Build a
Detailed Plan

We take all the info we gather during your consultation and, along with your lab results, develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

Eliminate/Detox Harmful Foods and Chemicals

Turn Off Harmful Signals

Activate Repair and Longevity Genes

Total Body Healing